Recommends book on global warming


In reply to a Letter to the Editor on July 5, "Says climate change science not settled," most scientists have the theory that climate change is inevitable but also agree that it is something that has taken place in the world environment for many years. You have to think of climate change/global warming as a set of dominos all lined up -- temperature is only one of the dominos, increasing atmospheric gases is another, release of methane gas from the melting tundra is another, change in the salt and fresh water currents of the oceans is another, the acidification of the oceans is another, and all the dominos have not been labeled. I would like to recommend a book on this subject to increase the understanding of the real problems, with temperature being only one of the dominos. I believe you'll be surprised at some of the dominos in this climate change/global warming set. The book is "The A-Z of Global Warming" by Simon J. Rosser.

Robert L. Slatten


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