Unhappy with lack of sewer for neighborhood


The Bellingham Herald article about Washington State Growth Management Hearing Board's criticism of Whatcom County's inadequate measures to protect our water supplies caught my attention. My neighborhood on east Mcleod Road off James Street has 32 older properties all on septic systems. We recently petitioned the city for sewer, only to be informed that it would require an additional $1 million pumping station and that we would be placed on future "inconclusive consideration." We are bordered on the north with Baker Creek and the southern tributary which all ultimately merges and drains into Squalicum Creek to the west. Our information is that ecoli levels have tested excessive in Baker Creek. That should be a clean water alarm.

Approximately 25 percent of our neighbors have had to replace their septic with expensive "raised systems" without option for sewer. We have sewer on James Street and on east McLeod west of the barricade -- so near, but yet so unreachable.

Future developments in the surrounding area can get approval and sewers but, apparently our request and hope to improve the environment in the neighborhood is pipe dream!

Walt Hardy


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