Concerned new laws disenfranchise voters


Naiveté: The quality or state of being naïve.

Naïve: Marked by unaffected simplicity.

Apparently naiveté is a condition from which I suffer. I was laboring under the impression that we lived in a democracy and when an election was held in our country, and one party lost by a significant margin, they would then review their message and modify it such that it would then appeal to a majority of the electorate and then perhaps win the next election.

Instead it appears that the actual process is somewhat different. It now seems that the losers, in this case, the Republican party, stick to their message, no matter how repugnant to some, and then set about by various changes to state laws to, I believe, disenfranchise enough voters to win the next election.

How could I have been so foolish as to believe that everyone wanted this country to be an actual democracy rather than another Banana Republic?

Bob Hynes


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