Unhappy with Patriot Act


If you believe you should be treated like cattle, ignore the corporate coup (ALEC) and continue to confuse shopping with an exercise of freedom. Our government was built on the knowledge that power cannot be trusted. Thus the framers set term limits, divided the branches, and protected freedom of speech to ensure informed debate. I believe the wrecking ball of that frame is the Patriot Act censoring the crucial protections to individuals and dissent. The engine of the wrecker is the completely controlled media (see Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting). On the 4th, I celebrate the true heroes of democracy, Ellsberg, Snowden, Radack, Binney and more as the real patriots and heroes of freedom.

Demand the repeal of the Patriot Act. End persecution of whistleblowers. Learn who owns your news.

Carol Follett


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