Webcast looks at wolf management

Staff reportJuly 14, 2013 

During a live webcast Thursday, big-game managers from Washington, Idaho and Montana will discuss their experiences managing game animals in areas populated by wolves.

The webcast will take place from 6:30-9:30 p.m. on the state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website at wdfw.wa.gov. Participants may submit questions by sending an email to july18event@dfw.wa.gov.

Panelists will include Jon Rachel, Idaho Department of Fish and Game’s state wildlife manager, and Jim Williams, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks’ northwest wildlife program manager. They will discuss the impacts wolves have had on deer, elk and other big-game animals in their states. They will also discuss strategies that successful big game hunters have adopted while hunting in their states, according to a department news release.

Dave Ware, game program manager in Washington, will describe the status of wolves and big-game hunting in the state.

As of March, there are at least 51 wolves in nine wolf packs in Washington, with a total of five successful breeding pairs. Most of the pack have been located in Northeast and Central Washington.

Montana and Idaho have managed wolves longer than Washington and that experience can provide context to inform the department and citizens on how to confront the challenges that lie ahead, said Phil Anderson, state fish and willdife director. He, too, will take part in the webcast.

The webcast will be available on the website after the event.

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