Concerned toxins used to kill weeds


I believe a story commenter on a story about the use of Roundup by city maintenance crews has not done much studying of nutrition and how the body handles toxins. If he had, he would know that our bodies are already on overload with all the food additives it was not meant to deal with. Add to that, the many, many other pollutants in air, water, house cleaning supplies, etc. Then factor in the fact that many toxins in our system are accumulative and you come up with systems too overtaxed to deal with even minute amounts of toxins. Keep in mind that food is not the only way these toxins like Roundup enter our bodies. We need to eliminate as many known toxins from our environment as possible. Weeds alongside the road and in parks may not be as pretty as we like things to be but eradicating them is not necessity. Mowing and cutting used to be the acceptable way of dealing with them.

E. Mary McKinstry


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