Wants change to residential parking


As the City of Bellingham continues its coordinated efforts with local non-profits to encourage more bicycling, walking and use of public transportation to go to work, the store or run errands, it seems ironic they also enforce a 24-hour parking rule in all parts of the city, including residential neighborhoods.

When I lived in the York neighborhood there were many times I left my car parked for days and rode my bike where I needed to go. Now that I live downtown, I don't even need a bike because I can walk to all those places.

However, according to city code, I am legally required to drive my car every day. This law was crafted I'm sure with the best intentions and to remove derelict vehicles. But as the old saying goes, the road to (impoundment) is paved with good intentions.

I also know more than one person on whom an irritated neighbor has reported their car as abandoned just because they thought it looked bad. Imagine that, someone driving a shabby car in Bellingham.

And while the city is required to give a few days' notice before towing, the "notice" is actually a ticket and the burden of proof falls on the person who may have just been doing a good thing by leaving their car at home one day, not to mention having gone on vacation or gotten sick. This is an excessive regulation that unfairly burdens the city;s residents. It deserves a second look and some serious revisions.

Tara Nelson


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