Asks support for registered nurses


PeaceHealth vision states "Every person receives safe, compassionate care, every time, every touch." Step up and support the registered nurses who are a vital part of your corporate mission.

Registered nurses care for patients with compassion, courage, strength, and love.

They are splashed with blood, vomit, feces, spit.

They listen to and hold the hands of dying patients, frightened children and anguished parents.

They calm distraught family members and explain confusing procedures.

They need time to administer medications, especially if a patient requires multiple medications. Reduce patient load for patient safety and support stated corporate vision.

They did not hesitate to care for patients during an H1N1 pandemic in 2009. At least one RN contracted H1N1 and died of complications 15 months, 9 days later.

They save lives.

PeaceHealth Core Values state: "Respect, Stewardship, Collaboration, and Social Justice." Prove it! Respect nurses, heed their welfare, partner with them, and treat them as equal participants in achieving PeaceHealth mission values.

My daughter spent 41 days in St. Joseph Hospital. She was the nurse who contracted H1N1 (swine flu) while working in the emergency department. I spent 41 days with her. The care she received was exemplary, with few exceptions. Honor the nurses on the "front lines" who are the essence of PeaceHealth vision, core values and mission.

Jan Polinkus


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