Unhappy tribe will sell coal


I am deeply upset by a June 21 article in The Seattle Times, "Montana tribe's coal deal wins government OK." The Crow Tribe of Billings, Mont., just signed a federally approved deal to ship 20 million tons of coal mined at Powder River Basin through to the proposed export sites in Oregon and Washington states! While 13,000 economically struggling members anticipate ample benefits from mining jobs and scholarships for their children, I don't believe the people in Montana or Wyoming realize the negative impact this will bring to the people of the Pacific Northwest!

Cherry Point, home to the Lummi Nation, employs many people who heavily rely on the local fishing industry to survive. All this will be lost if a coal terminal is built at this proposed site. The 1,200 construction and engineering jobs offered by Gateway Pacific Terminal would not compensate the loss of existing jobs, let alone the quality of our air, water and soil! Additionally, how can Cherry Point be an approved site for building a coal terminal when it is already a sacred tribal nation protected by a federal treaty?

Say no to sell-out coal deals! Big Coal can't export their dirty coal if we don't ship it.

We can do better than this!

Wendy Bartlett


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