Unhappy with change at Boulevard Park


What are they really doing to Boulevard Park? Oh my gosh!

Check this out! They have fenced off the shoreline and are taking 30 feet off the lawn to convert it to a beach (this summer).

"Proposed improvements include removing concrete rubble along the shoreline, creating sand and gravel beaches and rock revetments. The design concept includes converting portions of the existing lawn to a gravel and sand beach."

As a 36-year Belingham resident who has enjoyed walks in what I consider one of the most beautiful, useful parks I've ever experienced in my 75 years, I'm concerned. We have been using that beach-front lawn to do amazing community concerts and activities, like volleyball and frisbee, kite flying, Tai Chi, juggling and tight rope practice -- also family picnics and beautiful weddings! Oh my gosh, when I think of the benefits to the community that we have enjoyed at this unique park that this plan will gouge out, I'm so disappointed.

How did this happen? How do you feel about it? What can we do about it?

Lynnette Allen


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