Concerned about government spying


With Eric Snowden in the news these days, and our so-called government claiming him to be a traitor to the United States: To me I think that he is a hero. Eric Snowden has let the American people know just how corrupt our country really is. We as Americans think that we have rights, but without our knowledge or consent our government has been secretly spying on all of us for many years. Our phone conversations to family and friends, our cell phone calls that we make every day, every email that we send, every aspect of our private lives is monitored by our government.

Does this sound like freedom to you? To me the United States of America is a garbage can of corruption, dirty deals, and greed. As an American citizen I am supposed to have the freedom of free speech given to me by the United States Constitution. But now I suppose that I will be arrested by the FBI for speaking my mind on this matter. Our founding fathers who put this country together who worked side-by-side and laid the cornerstones of our constitution would be appalled and ashamed if they all knew what this country has become. I am an American by birth not by choice. We as Americans should demand that our government be straight and truthful with us and let us all know what other dirty little secrets they are keeping from us.

Nancy Langford


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