Unhappy with political decisions


According to the World Heath Association, we rank last of the 17 industrialized nations in health. Yet, on average, we pay approximately twice as much as the other countries for health care. Mostly Republican voices in Congress say that Obamacare is too expensive, now's not the time, or that it could be done better. But have they ever proposed change when they were in power?

Our infrastructure is falling apart (think of the I-5 bridge collapse). Yet we are told that there is no money to improve it and that we can't afford new taxes.

The number of gun fatalities in this country dramatically exceeds Canada and almost every other country. Yet, we are told that we can't have background checks and have to have rapid-fire options.

Slick ads with questionable facts want us to accept about half an hour of coal trains shaking and screaming through Bellingham each day. Yet a well-designed waterfront development could easily create more living wage and green jobs than the coal terminal and we could skip the polluting blowback from Asia.

There is an adage that says "follow the money." If we did, would the trail lead to people who care more about you and I or about their money?

Perhaps we should learn from our Native American neighbors and think seven generations ahead before we make decisions. The quality of life remains long after the price is forgotten.

Harvey Schwartz


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