Unhappy with signs in Fairhaven


The new "Rocket Building" has interior and exterior signs that I believe violate design standards set forth by the city.

The exterior sign perpendicular to the street is contrary to the integrity of the other community retailers. The exterior sign should be smaller, wooden, and hand painted. Any neon needs to be smaller, inside the window, and parallel to the street. The overly large flashing interior neon sign is especially insulting to the "key planning principles and values" of a "unique sense of place," "turn of the century," and "compatible sense of scale."

These overly large, bright flashing neon signs belong in a tacky, anywhere-in-America strip mall, not historic Fairhaven.

To see the word "fat" in large red neon letters reminds me of the epidemic of obesity in our culture and makes me wonder if it also refers to the size of an entrepreneur's bank account who is imposing his taste on us.

How delusional I was to think Bellingham and Fairhaven were better than this.

Ardeth Dunne


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