ELECTION 2013: Charlie Hawkins offers moderate voice, history of compromise on Blaine council


My name is Charlie Hawkins and I'm running for Blaine City Council. My roots go all the way back to 1881 when my ancestors came to Blaine from Kansas and Missouri. In 1964 I graduated from Blaine High School, and then went on to attend Skagit Valley College and Western. For the next 35 years I was a fisherman in Puget Sound and in Alaska on gillnetters, purse seiners, crabbers and tenders. Since that time I have operated a local café, and now work as a bus driver for the Blaine School District while serving the last eight years on the Blaine City Council. My wife, Marsha, and I have five children and four grandchildren. The city of Blaine is a superior place to live and I want to keep it that way. Our energy should be focused on making the quality of life better for everyone who lives here. Blaine needs moderate voices that are focused solely on doing what's best for the community. I am committed to representing the city as a whole, as well as my constituents. Historically, I have shown my willingness to compromise for the good of the people. We've moved away from the argumentative divisive politics that were the norm a few years ago, and have moved into a time of discussion, cooperation, and compromise when appropriate.

With the new city manager in place, my experiences on Blaine City Council will help ensure his smooth transition into our city government. Blaine is moving in the right direction by improving its infrastructure and beautification. The new wastewater treatment plant has been completed and the city is now selling reclaimed water to Semiahmoo Golf Course. This supports my longterm concern for the need to protect the future water quality of Drayton Harbor. The downtown area street renewal and beautification has been finished with the completion of the H Street project. The city hall has moved into its new location in the Banner Bank building which is cost-effective and envied by other small cities in the state. City Council has supported the proposed improvements to the Blaine Community Center including the new roof and the expansion of the pavilion. As a council, we have secured the water right for Blaine through future wells and expanding the current pumping capacity which should give us enough water to last another 40 years. Another project we are working on is the expansion of the infrastructure for the future growth into East Blaine. I am proud to have been a part of all these accomplishments.

Involvement in the community has always been important to me which is why I volunteer. Here is a partial list of the groups I have been a part of and the things I have done through the years: Youth sports (school and Boys and Girls Club), Port of Bellingham advisory board for Blaine, Bellingham Herald Citizens Advisory Board, Drayton Harbor Shellfish Protection District, Board of Adjustment for the city of Blaine, Blaine Park Board member, Storm Water Advisory Committee member, volunteer at Good Samaritan Society-Stafholt, volunteer at Wings Over Water, active supporter of the Plover Ferry, volunteer for Blaine Christmas Giving Tree, member of Blaine Senior Center, member of Blaine Christian Fellowship.

Blaine is a wonderful place to live, and for the last eight years I have focused on making decisions that don't place an undue burden on our citizens. I place a high importance on fiscal responsibility and effective planning. I believe my moderate voice is reflective of the beliefs of the citizens of Blaine.

This fall, if you believe I will represent you, make your voice heard at the polls. Vote for me, Charlie Hawkins.


Incumbant Charlie Hawkins is one of four candidates running for the four-year term for the Blaine City Council Ward 2, Position 4 seat. The top two candidates in the Aug. 6 primary advance to the Nov. 4 general election.

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