Wants utility to stop using coal power


I have lived in Whatcom County since 1997. As a mom and a nurse I want PSE to stop putting money into coal as energy. While PSE supports many clean-energy programs, it also owns what I believe to be the biggest, most polluting coal-fired power plant in the West, located in Colstrip, Mont. Coal is known to cause health problems from the particulates in the air, and it causes immediate environmental problems at the mine, along the transportation routes and at the plant where it is burned. It contributes to global warming as well. It also is going to be increasingly expensive now that so many people know about its bad effects. People may sue and will probably win now that the bad effects of coal are so well know. PSE has the responsibility to put money into cleaner, renewable energy sources. It has a choice to try to fix the aging and out-dated coal plant or use the hundreds of millions of dollars more wisely. The potential for safe renewable power exists as an alternative. This choice would employ Washington workers in a safer industry and would have a positive impact on our health and environment as well as on decreasing the risk of global warming. I want PSE to retire coal and replace it with renewable forms of energy. In the long run this makes the most sense for our health, for the stability of energy, for economics and for the environment and global effects.

Leslie Smith


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