Unhappy with lack of gun responsibility


So once again an innocent person is killed by the bullet fired from a gun. Not the gift a father would expect on Fathers

Day. So guns don't kill I've been told. How does one explain this one? It wasn't a mad man with a machete leaping over the fence into the back yard barbcue party. It wasn't a drug deal gone bad. It wasn't a domestic violence problem problem. It wasn't a Taliban terrorist. It was a stray bullet, shot a half-a-mile away. I hear gunshots that are within a half a mile of my house almost every day. Should I now wear a bullet-proof vest when ever I go outside? Is this really the land of the free? If guns are supposed to protect me, how come I feel less safe now than I have at any time in my life? Guns are a weapon. They are designed to do one thing. Take out a target. They should have the same kind of restrictions as we have on cars. How many more innocent people have to be killed before we get over this "rights" issue. Responsibility is the word we should be getting worked up over. Right now I do not see the gun industry being responsible. If the gun owners and the gun industry are not going to be responsible for the deaths caused by guns, then we will have to get the government to do it for them. We all know how that will work out.

Larry Campbell


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