Says guns needed to defend U.S.


Recent news reports tell us that the Obama administration's response to the Syrian government's use of nerve gas on their population (you will recall the mythical "Red Line") is to supply "the rebels" with small arms.

Pardon me, but the term "small arms" generally relates to fully automatic, no-kidding, assault weapons (i.e. machine guns).

My confusion arises from listening to the constant drum beat of the anti-gun lobby and our political left that the Second Amendment (and the American population's ownership of small arms) can in no way be used to throw off the yoke of tyranny... just pure nonsense. Now we see the Obama administration is acknowledging that the most logical choice in aiding this oppressed people is with the use of small arms.

Not only will they be receiving top-of-the-line fully automatic, no-kidding, real assault weapons and ammunition but there will be no registration or background checks required prior to their distribution!

I have only a few questions: Are we about to send arms to Al Qaeda? Will these weapons eventually be turned on Americans? Pray tell, why can they defend themselves but not us?

Konrad Lau


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