Says gun violence not growing


In a front page story in The Bellingham Herald June 12, a strong gun control advocate was quoted as follows in reference to gun violence, "We're seeing more and more incidents, more and more deaths." I believe nothing could be further from the truth. A little quick research on the subject clearly shows just the opposite to be true.

The fact is that FBI statistics show gun violence has decreased every year for the past several years. And it decreased in spite of the fact that firearm sales, gun ownership and the number of concealed carry permits has never been higher. The joke is that President Obama should be given a life membership in the NRA as the country's best gun salesman, ever. Additionally, in general the states with the toughest gun laws have the highest rates of gun violence.

This increase in gun ownership and decrease in gun crimes does not prove that more firearms cause less crime. But it certainly shows that more firearms do not cause more crime. Sometimes it's just better to get the facts and state the truth, than to make up your own "truth" just to fit your addenda.

Gordon Bennett


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