Asks support for mentor program


I am a former Big Sister with Big Brothers, Big Sisters. I was matched with my little for 10 1/2 years. My little is now 19, a college student who lives with me.

Our relationship has become that of true sisters. We have maintained our relationship even after she "aged out." We both very much still support Big Brothers, Big Sisters and have given speeches and attended fundraisng events.

It would be a true tradgedy if we were to loose Big Brothers, Big Sisters. The statistics they give are, in fact, true. Mentoring can change lives. Kids really do need a mentor in their lives. Parents are essential, but an additional adult in their lives that they feel they can trust can help the child through many of the trials and tribuations of childhood -- particularly their teen years.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters strives hard to make matches that will work. They don't just slap a kid and an adult together. They take the time to know the big and the little, and they do extensive checking on the big to reassure the parents to the best of their ability that the big is a safe person for their child to be with. That requires money for the time of the employee doing the interviewing, the background checks, fingerprinting, the paperwork involved and the continuing support you receive as a big and a lttle in the program.

Kids are waiting, please help if you can.

Sharon Ackerman


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