Wants rail coal plan stopped


I am writing to fully oppose the exporting of coal by use of Burlington Northern Sante Fe and Gateway Pacific Terminal. Washington and Oregon states lead the nation in closing down dirty coal mines.

The city of Bellingham prides itself in using some of the greenest sources of energy!

Mayor Mike McGinn of Seattle opposes the shipping of coal, and recognizes what I believe are the obvious threats that it would impose upon our region's infrastructure, economy, and environment.

Existing coal trains northbound to British Columbia are already exposing us to airborne coal dust, and these cars are not covered! I believe 18 additional trains hauling coal by the ton will not only destroy our ecosystems, but endanger many lives in emergency situations due to blocked roadway access from so many more passing railroad cars.

The people of the Lummi Nation among so many others of us depend highly on the fishing industry which would be lost to this heavy increase in rail and shipping traffic through Puget Sound, Bellingham Bay and the San Juan Islands. Our orca whales, an already federally endangered species, I believe would be permanently gone.

One of the most desirable places to live in the entire world would be destroyed forever.

We can do better than coal, and must not be railroaded by corporate greed.

We, the people who stand to lose everything we love and hold sacred must stop this insanity now.

Wendy Bartlett


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