Says Common Core takes away local control


Common Core is a complete overhaul of our system of education and I believe it is taking control and rights out of the parents, educators, cities and states. I believe Common Core is illegal and unconstitutional and yet our city/state has done nothing to stop it or educate the parents! The cost to implement such an educational system is horrendous. The federal government is not going to help each state cover the cost of re-training every single teacher, getting new equipment, new books and materials, etc. So, where does that cost lie then? To us, the taxpayers of Washington state! We did not ask for such a change and now we are being forced to pay for something that we will have no control over. Is this really OK with everyone? It shouldn't be! What about the data tracking of each child that will ensue? Have you heard about the iris scanning of students in Florida recently? All done without the authorization of parents or their knowledge! Do you want your child to be tracked from their eyes, blood type, test scores, your income? Well, with Common Core, I believe the federal government would have access to all your information and you will have no say about it! I'm just a mom who will fight to stop what is being forced upon me and my kids. You don't have to have kids to fight back, it's our city's children we are fighting for and the rights of every American! Learn! Research! Fight back! These are our schools! Our city! Our state!

Elaine Margeson


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