Says jail no place for drug addicts


It such a relief to read that our law enforcement professionals are arresting people using dangerous, deadly drugs instead of wasting time on marijuana prosecutions. If we are going to arrest our meth, coke and heron using brothers and sisters, we have the responsibility to help them with medical treatment and counseling so they have the chance to kick the habit, get back to a normal life, end the party, end the pain, learn that modern psychiatry has better drugs than they can get on the street, and the legal drugs cost less. We shouldn't house citizens in jails for drug offenses, they should be housed in treatment facilities, these are our injured citizens, we need to treat them with respect, sooth their pain, treat the illness, support them in a safe and nourishing environment until they can handle life on their own. Our disabled citizens should not be used as an excuse for a new jail.

Bob Reeves


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