Says it's time for compromise


I've always taken great pride in telling my friends back east that I live in the "other Washington", but it doesn't look like it this week, as the Governor is forced to call another "special" session" because Senate Democrats are holding our state hostage, much like the House of Representatives do in our nation's capital. They don't want to fund government but they are more than willing to give themselves another month at the public's expense.

This is not conviction, it is hubris. You cannot take all the money for court-ordered education funding from social services (SB5895). A hungry child cannot learn. You cannot shut down state services without being the problem yourself.

The State House has compromised. The Governor has compromised. Yet Rodney Tom and 23 senators are holding us all hostage to ideology while meanwhile we rank 44th in education and our transportation grid's a mess -- made obvious by the Skagit River bridge collapse. I suspect even the corporations whose tax loopholes they refuse to close would like some better outcomes for their businesses - after all, businesses are crying for STEM graduates and better transportation to move their goods to market and their employees to work.

Write your senators and tell them you are fed up emulating the dysfunction in D.C. This is Washington state, where reasonable leaders from both parties compromise for the good of the citizenry.

Jayne Freudenberger


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