Wants legislators to protect habitats


It's only June, but time flies and in no time at all the next election season will be upon us! I am interested in caring for our beautiful local environment, providing healthy habitats for fish and wildlife and protecting the area's resource lands. The future of a healthy Whatcom County depends on who we elect come November. So I have a few questions for voters to ponder over the coming summer days: Why don't we have a balanced planning commission that listens to and appreciates the opinions of all our citizens and represents the values of their constituents? Why is there so much waste of taxpayer dollars to litigate cases that don't protect critical areas? Who will have a vision to provide financial necessities over the next years such as adequate services for water, sewer, proper police and fire protection? Don't we always want to comply with the growth management laws? Please enjoy these lovely Whatcom County summer days, but please be thoughtful about who will be elected come cold, windy November.

Annie Welch


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