Says Cherry Point terminal misguided


I believe the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point is misguided for so many reasons.

One that is perhaps not well known is that the terminal would be deeply disrespectful to the Lummi Nation. They lived there - fishing, holding traditional ceremonies, and celebrating their ancestors - for at least 175 generations until the land was seized in the 1870s. The treaty clearly promised them continued access to Cherry Point (or "Xwe'chi'eXen," traditionally) for ceremonies and fishing.

The coal terminal represents another insult to the heritage of native people. I believe it would mean huge stockpiles of coal set on historically significant cultural sites, a disturbed or destroyed fishery, and decreased or eliminated Lummi access to the land for cultural practices.

Is this how we should treat people, land, and water? The coal terminal is a project that is in the financial interest of a few corporations. It is not in the public interest - in terms of health, environment, or moral integrity. We have a dismal history of treatment for native people. We now have an opportunity to do better and we should. We can address our needs through solutions that also show respect for land and people.

Please visit to stand with our Lummi neighbors and reject the coal terminal.

Wendy Czopp


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