Sees irony in politicians' actions


So Sen.Doug Ericksen finds nothing wrong with charging taxpayers his $90 per day food/expense voucher even though the meal might have been paid for by his lobbyist cronies, BP and coal advocates, his biggest donors. Is this how a government representative gets rid of a "fat government?" The public would not be aware of this "double dipping" had not government watchdogs requested such information! Way to lower the costs of government Mr. Ericksen, charge the taxpayers for your meal while allowing a lobbyists to pay for your golf, meal, entertainment, etc.

I also find it tragically ironic that both senators from Oklahoma (Tom Coburn, and James Inhofe) voted to de-fund the Federal Emergency Management Agency and not approve the second round of aid to Sandy victims in their last budget proposal (2011). Interesting that something is an "entitlement" until you need it then it becomes your right because you are a citizen of the U.S. Thank goodness those bills did not go into effect as many innocent people devastated by these tragedies would be totally on their own if those senators had their way.

Janet Needler


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