Backs Buchanan, Browne for Whatcom council


I recommend that Rud Browne and Barry Buchanan be elected to Whatcom County Council this fall, replacing current council members Knutzen and Kershner. I believe the latter have established records of undermining the Growth Management Act, costing the county and the environment in a myriad of ways, among them:

1. The county is wasting taxpayer dollars to fight the Growth Management Hearings Board because basically they don't want to listen to the law. The county has lost each fight yet continues this non-compliant strategy, guaranteeing future waste of resources.

2. The state;s Public Works Trust Fund money is not available for local use because of this noncompliance, potentially costing us millions of dollars in local development money.

3. The Growth Management Act's goals are to balance smart growth, fiscal prudence and protecting the environment. I believe the council's current positions are extreme and have put this balance out of whack. Our environmental protections and critical areas are at risk.

A 2009 countywide survey showed Whatcom County citizens overwhelmingly support compliance with the Growth Management Act. Yet our current conservative council members continue to ignore both the law and the will of the people. Council members Kershner and Knutzen do not deserve our vote.

Betsy Gross


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