Locals make elite lacrosse teams


The Burnaby Mountain Lacrosse Elite Development Program has selected seven Bellingham boys for its Burnaby Mountain Selects Elite Touring Teams.

Brent Hoskins, head lacrosse coach for Simon Fraser University and one of the founding members, made the announcement of the teams, which are recognized as one of Canada's top lacrosse development programs, combining excellence on the field, with the importance of academic achievement.

Making the Varsity Elite team are Dylan Bruce, attack, Bellingham High School; Alyis Clark, defense, Sehome High School; Chance Clymer, midfield, Sehome High School; and Dakota Turgeon, goal, Sehome High School.

On the Freshman Elite are Austin Perkins, defense, Kulshan Middle School; and Garrett Sorenson, defense/LSM.

Cade Brown, midfield, Kulshan Middle School, made the U13 Elite team.


Hal Blake had a hole in one on the No. 14 hole while using his 7-iron at North Bellingham Golf Course. Witnesses were Elvin Nelson, Mike Roof and Phil Dittmar.

Robin Jackson aced the No. 8 hole using a 6-iron.

Baker Blast

Sunday's scores

Under 11 Boys COPA

Semifinal: Richmond Mariners 5, WSA Rapids BU11 Black 6

Semifinal:CMF Millan 4, Marpole United 2

Championship: WSA Rapids BU11 Black 2, CMF Millan 1

Under 11 Boys Premier

Semifinal: SSC Shadow B02-Iniesta 3, CMFSC Ajax 2

Semifinal: Surrey United SC 2, WSA Rapids BU11 Navy 1

Championship: SSC Shadow B02-Iniesta 0, Surrey United SC 2

Under 11 Girls COPA

Semifinal: Coastal FC Bullets 4, WSA Rapids GU11 Black 0

Championship: Coastal FC Bullets 5, Chilliwack FC Selects 0

Under 11 Girls COPA

Semifinal: Chilliwack FC Selects 6, North Shore Girls Soccer Club 0

Under 11 Girls Premier

Championship: Footskills Impact 2, Surrey United SC 1

Under 12 Boys Premier

Semifinal: WFC Rangers Gold BU12 3, NWN B01 Red 1

Semifinal: SSC Shadow B01A - Varlamos 4, Northwest United FC 01 Youngsman 3

Championship: WFC Rangers Gold BU12 4, SSC Shadow B01A - Varlamos 0

Under 12 Girls COPA

Semifinal: Chilliwack FC Selects 1, North Shore girls Soccer Club 0

Semifinal: Highline Premier G01 Blue 1, Crossfire Select Wilkinson GU12 0

Championship: Chilliwack FC Selects 5, Highline Premier G01 Blue 0

Under 12 Girls Premier

Championship: Coastal FC Thunder 3, Surrey United SC 0

Under 13 Boys COPA

Semifinal:San Carlos Chivas 6, Kamloops Blaze Blue 0

Semifinal: WFC RANGERS BU13 BLUE 1, Blaze U 12 Orange 2

Championship: San Carlos Chivas 3, Blaze U 12 Orange 1

Under 13 Boys Premier

Semifinal: CMFSC team SLOVAN 3, SGU 2001's 0

Semifinal: Surrey United SC 5, Coastal FC Premier 1

Championship: CMFSC team SLOVAN 3, Surrey United SC 1

Under 13 Girls COPA

Semifinal: WFC Rangers G00 Blue 1, North Shore Girls Soccer Club 0

Semifinal:Cheney Storm Scott 1, NK Storm 0

Championship: WFC Rangers G00 Blue 2, Cheney Storm Scott 1

Under 13 Girls Premier

Championship: Whatcom FC Rangers GU13 Gold 0, Eastside FC 00 White 1

Semifinal: Whatcom FC Rangers GU13 Gold 2, Mountain United FC U-13 1

Semifinal:Eastside FC 00 White 4, Surrey United SC 0

Under 14 Boys COPA

Semifinal: Crossfire Select B99 Taylor 2, Highline Premier FC B99 Red 0

Semifinal: WFC Rangers BU99 Blue 3, WFC Rangers BU 99-00 White 0

Championship: WFC Rangers BU99 Blue 4, Crossfire Select B99 Taylor 1

Under 14 Boys Premier

Semifinal: Northwest United FC 99 Powell 2, Team Ramirez EDC FC 3

Semifinal: Whatcom FC Rangers BU99/00 Gold/Quinn 3, KLM United FC 1

Championship: Whatcom FC Rangers BU99/00 Gold/Quinn 2, Team Ramirez EDC FC 1

Under 14 Girls COPA

Semifinal: Kamloops Blaze U14 Girls Rep B 1, GU14 Rangers White 0

Semifinal: North Whidbey Islanders GU14 0, WFC Rangers G99 Blue 4

Championship: Kamloops Blaze U14 Girls Rep B 0, WFC Rangers G99 Blue 1

Under 14 Girls Premier

Semifinal:WFC Rangers G99 Gold 3, SGU 2000's 0

Semifinal: Port Moody Storm 3, Kamloops Blaze 2

Championship: Port Moody Storm 1, WFC Rangers G99 Gold 4

Under 15 Boys COPA

Championship: Kelowna United 1999 Boys 2, CMF Apollo 1

Semifinal: Kelowna United 1999 Boys 4, NKSC Inferno 98 1

Semifinal: Chilliwack FC Selects 0, CMF Apollo 1

Under 15 Boys Premier

Semifinal: CMF United 1, Richmond United 4

Championship: Richmond United 0, WFC Rangers BU15 2

Semifinal: Surrey Arsenal 0, WFC Rangers BU15 2

Under 15 Girls COPA

Semifinal: Crossfire Select G98 Enstrom 3, 3RSC 98 Lopez 1

Semifinal: WFC Rangers G98 Blue 2, WFC Rangers 98 White 1

Championship: Crossfire Select G98 Enstrom 1,WFC Rangers G98 Blue 2

Under 15 Girls Premier

Championship: WFC Rangers GU98/99 3, SFC Pegasus 99 1

Under 16 Boys COPA

Championship: Whatcom FC Rangers Blue/Cairns 2, FC Alliance BU97 1

Under 16 Girls COPA

Semifinal: WFC Rangers G97 Blue/Soltero 1, Fusion FC Academy 0

Championship: WFC Rangers G97 Blue/Soltero 1, Vernon United 3

Semifinal: Vernon United 6, NW United FC97 1

Under 16 Girls Premier

Championship: 98 Blaze Girls 2, Saanich Fusion 98's 1

Under 16/17 Boys

Semifinal:NWN B97 Red 1, Kamloops Black Aces 3

Semifinal:1998 Team Zico EDC 4, Kamloop Blaze 0

Championship: Kamloops Black Aces 1, 1998 Team Zico EDC 2

Under 17/18 Boys

Semifinal:Rangers BU17 Gold 1, Crossfire Select B-17 Rodrigo 0

Semifinal: CCB Elite-Scorpion 2, CCB Revolution 5

Championship: WFC Rangers BU17 Gold 0, CCB Revolution 1

Under 17/18 Girls COPA

Semifinal: WFC GU17 Blue Ronney 1, Seattle United G94 Shoreline 2

Championship: Seattle United G94 Shoreline 0, Velocity FC 96' Green 1

Semifinal: Velocity FC 96' Green 3, NK Blast 95 2

Under 17/18 Girls Premier

Semifinal: WFC Rangers G95 Gold 3, Fusion FC Academy 0

Semifinal: SGU 1997's 2, Coastal FC Crew 1

Championship: WFC Rangers G95 Gold 2, SGU 1997's 1

Lake Padden golf scores


June 15

Division I

1st gross: Craig Roth, 72

1st net: Ron Fuller, 70

Division II

1st gross: Terry Moore, 75

1st net: Gary Bring, 70

Division III

1st gross: Darrel Butz, 79

1st net: Joel Wark, 66

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