Wants Cherry Point protected for Lummis


I was pleased the Lummi Nation presented the beautiful play, "What About Those Promises," depicting their heritage and the misrepresentation of government leaders in treaty negotiations. We are so fortunate to have the Lummis living among us and willing to let us learn about their history and traditions.

I, for one, believe there is much we must learn about all the suffering our forefathers brought upon their ancestors.

It was also clear to me that we cannot stand by and let a coal terminal threaten this heritage further. I believe Goldman Sachs and SSA Marine already violated the rights of Lummi Nation when in 2011 they desecrated parts of the site that are specifically designated as historically significant. The Lummi still fish and hold traditional ceremonies at Cherry Point, and these rights were protected by treaty. Why are we continuing to break our promises to the Lummi Nation?

Let us begin to make our word mean something and bring justice to all Americans, especially those who were here first. In looking forward to our Independence Day, let us acknowledge that we are bound to this land and this planet as one people and we need to care and protect it for all nations.

Judith Akins


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