Wants Cherry Point site preserved


At a recent presentation at Bellingham Unitarian Church and a play at Bellingham High School, the Lummi Nation made their case against building the coal terminal at Cherry Point.

Cherry Point is a historical reefnet fishing area for halibut, prawns, salmon, shellfish and crab and the main fishing ground for the Lummi. If the coal terminal is built, a dock will go over the top of this fishing ground, which would disrupt and destroy this area. The majority of fishing vessels in Whatcom County are tribal and the removal of this fishing ground would have a devastating effect on the Lummi.

Not only would there be job loss, but the Lummi's culture: their heritage site, (a designated historical site), and the site of their traditional ceremonies would be eradicated. Let's say no to disturbing and desecrating the Cherry Point site!

Caroline Balzer


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