Says nation needs to work together


Oklahoma is hit again by terrible storms. Reading of the storms on June 1, it occurred to me that some people reading the article were thinking the wrath of God is punishing our country for socially progressive sinful ways. Yet other people were thinking about the way we treat the earth with our environmental ravaging for a buck.

Could it be that both arguments focus on "I am right," "I know best," "What's in it for me?" We have become a whining, "I" focused people. The Great Generation citizens worked for a "we" focused nation. The '50s wealthy paid the highest taxes in our history, but more people were employed building infrastructure and a peaceful society. We did not understand the environmental risks we took, but ours was a country of pride and teamwork, not competitiveness and finger pointing. In the '60s we addressed some of the injustices that caused us to eventually insist on citizens having an opportunity to participate more equally. What happened to our national psyche?

We are torn by a storm of our own making. Its time we stop our divisiveness and work to complement each other while seeking the American Dream -together and with personal integrity.

Donna Starr


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