Backs Lummi Nation in terminal fight


The proposed coal terminal will be built on Lummi Nation land. The Lummi Nation has been in this area for over 2,000 years and Cherry Point has been their sacred land for over 250 years. They are federally recognized and their status is equal to that of the state. This is not our land to give away or permit its usage to a corporation of any sort. It is their ancestral burial grounds and that is their sacred land.

The Lummi people not only have the same concerns as the rest of the community regarding health, noise, traffic and cost but they have other even more significant reasons to be concerned about this proposed terminal.

I do not see any way to mitigate the fact that the land, the water at Cherry Point, along with river rights are not ours to permit out to corporations with the goal of using the land and water in ways that will adversely and forever affect the Lummi Nation. We must respect treaty rights as this was not our land to begin with. This land is also their ancient burial grounds that should not be disturbed by anyone. How would we feel if a corporation tried to destroy our family burial grounds? I doubt we would stand for it. Please stand with the Lummi Nation as they try to keep the little lands and dignity they still have.

Amy Glasser


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