Sees another side to political debate


Recently a Bellingham Herald letter regarding the stonewalled Benghazi investigation asked what others see. The Herald then decided to print another letter from someone I believe sees whatever he wants to see about the GOP. For example he said he was blind in so far as the Benghazi attacks and the made up stories told by people like our new "security advisor" Rice are concerned. What I see on that front is people like Obama, Rice, Clinton and others sitting in their office watching our people in Benghazi get killed because they refused to provide any security or protection to them before the attacks and they sat on their hands as the attacks were going on and never lifted a phone to call on any military or troops to go help them. I see a total lack of leadership in the White House now days; Benghazi, the TSA, the IRS, the NSA, protecting our borders, selling guns to thugs in Mexico, and trampling on our Constitution. I also see a Democratic party that rammed Obamacare through and my own insurance premiums tripling over the past two years as a result. I see a Democratic party that had control of both houses of Congress from 2007 to 2010 and letting the recession happen and who helped pass bill after bill to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan so folks like the letter write could, I believe, lie like Obama does, year after year, about how Bush and/or the GOP somehow singlehandedly spent trillions of dollars on those wars. And I see a GOP who finally said enough government spending and is now slowing it down thanks to the sequester they managed to enforce. That's what I see.

Charles K. Jessup


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