Concerned others try to control opinions


Glen Beck and the American public: Is he educating society on what to fear and making it interesting by adding in conspiracies? Or, on the other hand, is it a core belief that supports an idea for a right way of thinking. The only thing I can say for sure from meeting people that are studying ideas with Glenn Beck is that I believe they share feelings and anger about government and some American people within our society.

America or any society has many different people and always will. People need the freedom of mind and should be able to have their own beliefs. Anger distorts the face and widens the eyes. A person that is hearing these people talk and doesn't have a Glen Beck educations or his beliefs are seeing a person that I believe appears delusional and disturbed. I don't watch political shows and try not to listen to politician. My conclusion is to try to control your own mind and when you find this difficult, then try and control what other people think. The "I am right" doesn't work.

Steve Barnes


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