Says surveillance debate misguided


Many are just shocked, shocked there is intelligence gathering going on here.

And with the next 30-second news bit we nod along wondering why our leaders and intelligence community and military can't find reliable ways to intercept Americans waging war on America, like the domestic terrorists who have been killing Americans on American soil. We must be suffering a major disconnect to not understand our needs, born of the very real need for protections require the very programs the press now has us wringing our hands over. In a free society at war, which so many seem to forget we are, there is a delicate balance to be achieved.

This is also old news, authorized by Bush, tweaked for efficiency, which some claim is expansion, under Obama. Congress has had oversight. If Obama were not following the expertise of his intelligence community, we would be chastising him for not taking obvious steps for keep us safe. I believe this huge dust up, like many of the so-called scandals that have the press and Republicans salivating over, is just a new twist on Obama bashing that his base is buying into.

The all-volunteer military and the industrial complex they support allows us to be disconnected from war and the appearance of a growing police state is the trade off we are apparently make to pick up our X Boxes and get tax breaks rather than serve. That is the debate we need.

Michael Waite

Sedro Woolley

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