Offers lesson in Constitution


A recent letter detailed liberties allegedly guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. A review of that document would reveal that the majority of so-called "rights" laid out by the writer do not in fact exist anywhere in the Constitution.

Nowhere in the Constitution is there any mention of a right to think, create, to own a gun for self-protection (the 2nd Amendment reads for the "security of a free state," and says nothing about individual protection), nor to be proven guilty by a jury of your peers (juries do not prove guilt, that is up to the prosecution). Similarly the Bill of Rights makes no mention of any right to live or travel wherever you want, or of your "right" to buy, eat, drink, want or wear whatever you please, as the writer alleges.

Unfounded allegations that "progressives" intend to somehow withdraw these (largely imaginary) rights is equally dumbfounding. It was "progressives" who extended rights to women, African-Americans, and other minorities. It was "conservatives" who insisted that the "importation" of slaves into the United States not be limited (Article 1, Section 9). And it was "conservatives" who ensured that this provision allowing the slave trade is the only part of the Constitution that cannot be changed by an Amendment (Article 5).

If you want to protect your rights you must first understand them. Read the Constitution.

Paul Stephenson


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