Concerned about bigotry of thought


Jim Crow laws institutionalized racism, and kept blacks from the same rights as white Americans. Thankfully those laws have been eradicated, but a new institutionalized bigotry has taken root. The IRS and other agencies of the federal government have decided that conservative thought should not be afforded equal protection. They have assigned it away from the breakfast counter, and to the back of the bus. Elites on campuses ridicule and dismiss it as a non person. Traditional values is now considered hate speech by some.

The soaring rhetoric that proclaimed "there is no red states or blue states, just the United States," was replaced with "we must punish our enemies and reward our friends." Using the institutions of the federal government as a means to crush the opposition is obviously not the same as a whip lash across the back of a rebellious slave. But, the intention to silence and keep them in their place is.

The philosopher Descartes, proclaimed, "I think, therefore I am." He put his identity in his thought life, which is profound and wise. The freedom to think for yourself is fundamental, and debate is always healthy. Institutionalized bigotry, to silence opposition will lead to tyranny. Conservative thought needs to take a lesson from Rosa Parks. Refuse to give up your seat on the bus.

Ron Victor


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