Wants world impact considered


Recent letters to The Bellingham Herald claiming concern for the Earth, widows, orphans, and the 99 percent seem to really translate into something about me, me and me.

I see complaints from folks owning homes by the tracks about train whistles (likely to keep from killing kids with their iPods turned up), and clouds of coal dust (as yet un-photographed). Those 200 jobs at Gateway Pacific Terminal are not important (except to the 200 families of folks who get them, plus the thousands of folks employed making hundreds of rail cars and locomotives, working the mines; maintaining the rails, loading the ships).

If your goal is to prevent coal power plants in Asia, (oceans will rise 4 to 7 inches this century -- run for your lives!), consider this: if not a coal-fired plant, there will be no power plant. A mother in Malaysia sends her kids to the garbage dump rather than school, as there is no factory for her husband to work in making your underwear. It means no steel mill to employ a Chinese father to make enough money to pay the penalty for a second child, and not have to leave his newborn daughter in a box on the street -- or worse, in a sack at the bottom of the river.

I read an assortment of hopes and dreams that the world will leave us Bellinghobbits alone. Reasonable people know that every decision is a trade-off. There is some balance to be found here. Find it.

Robert Knudson


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