Unhappy with medical choices


Once again, like last year, we received notice that Peace Health and Regence plan to end all of their hospital and clinic contracts as of July 1. So much for utilizing the nice new cancer or cardiac centers if you are a Regence client. Any elective hospital care will need to happen elsewhere.

I am not sure, and really don't care, what the particulars are or which is the greedier party in the negotiation. At least this time they agreed that ER service will still be covered, which is thoughtful considering the I-5 bridge is out. Last year, had the situation not been resolved, one would have had to go to Mt. Vernon for covered ER care.

I find it appalling that PeaceHealth, the only hospital and a major healthcare provider in our county, and Regence, one of the major insurers, seem to be repeatedly having difficulty coming to terms.

For anyone concerned that single payer/government insurance would "eliminate choice" I ask you how much choice anyone has in the current system if even when an employer generously offers health coverage, the insurance company and /or the health care provider can change the terms of that coverage at their whim? I would think they would at least have to honor their contracts through September, when alternate choices can be made.

Considering both sides are non-profit, one has to wonder whose best interest they have in mind .

Lauralee McLeod


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