Fears corporations rule politics, media


Viewers of Fox media are puzzled why people are not up in arms about allegations of a cover up with regards to the tragedy in Benghazi. While the events in Benghazi were certainly tragic, I believe there was no cover up. Fox has tried tirelessly for seven months to convince the rest of us that the White House has withheld critical information from the public. To no avail.

The allegations are all about politics.

Fox President and Chairman Roger Ailes was media consultant for Presidents Nixon, Reagan and H.W. Bush. His ties with the Republican Party are long standing.

Sadly, after deregulation of the media in the 1980s and '90s, I believe fair and balanced reporting is a thing of the past.

In 1983, there were 57 media outlets. In 2012, they were down to six. All under corporate control.

If there are any illegalities with the IRS or Associated Press, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Recently, corporate think tank Heritage Foundation sent letters to GOP lawmakers instructing them not to work on any legislation that takes the focus off President Obama.

Voters used to instruct lawmakers what was expected of them. The corporations do that for us now.

Bob Seaman


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