Unhappy with political targeting


In your June 1st edition you published an article entitled "Ferndale debates road repairs." Let me quote what city council member Paul Ingram said regarding raising gas taxes: "I have some personal issues with a tax that seems to target a specific small business industry. I wouldn't mind it if we were going after Pilot or after a big Walmart gas station." I have no idea what Mr. Ingram's political persuasion is, nor do I care. The mind set he displays is exactly that of the IRS with regard to them targeting specific conservative organizations that they do not like.

"Going after" is the same as saying let's target them, even though he is against targeting small businesses. Why does he see government as a vehicle to punish success and level the playing field, thereby, in this case, make gasoline more expensive for everyone? I wouldn't be surprised if he has a background that included employment by the IRS.

Tom Koenig


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