Unhappy with rail, potential coal sales


I can not afford to subsidize the billionaire Warren Buffet's BNSF coal trains. Warren will have haul something else - like stranded motorists from Burlington.

If the Warren Buffet coal dump is built it will cost me 20 minutes more each day in driving time. That is 100 minutes each week or 83 hours each year. Time is money! Warren owes me two weeks of paid vacation. Warren's trains already wake me up once each night. I cannot afford to be woken up every hour and still be productive at work. Perhaps Warren could offer to insulate my house or move me to a better part of town.

I believe Warren's coal trains will lower my property value and increase my property taxes! People want money to build overpasses into Boulevard Park or get to work on time. If Warren wants to play with his BNSF railroad in my backyard he should use clean and quiet electric engines - like the ones I played with as a child.

No more taxpayer bailouts for Warren's friends at Peabody Coal Company, either. I believe the government royalty of $1 a ton is a corporate welfare program. Why are we giving U.S. coal reserves to China?

Tom Gilmore


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