Says progressive tax hurts economy


It has been 100 years since the 16th Amendment was ratified creating the "progressive" income tax. Unfortunately, I believe it is the root of all evil because without it the government would be impotent, which is precisely what the founder's wanted. They believed that government is inherently evil, and thus, by its very nature attracted to evil schemes. The tax is based on envy and people were sold on the idea of soaking the rich even though a 100 percent tax on the rich would only fund the government for a matter of days.

The reality is that it makes it more difficult for the envious to find jobs because it removes incentives for the rich to start new businesses and expand existing ones by punishing them for success.

The pseudo-conservative Republicans talk about reducing taxes when the real problem is spending (both parties are guilty). Talk about reducing the size and scope of government and they are accused of lacking compassion for those in need. They are afraid they cannot be re-elected if they don't support wealth redistribution. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that it betters the existence of those who are unable to care for themselves. Government solutions to end poverty make things far worse.

The inherent evilness of government is like a magnet for evil schemes and is why today progressive taxation is like a tapeworm for which there is no cure.

Wayne Farber


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