Rant: Police set crosswalk trap to catch driver


The police seem to be engaging in a lot of "fund-raising" lately. I got caught in a crosswalk trap, where the pedestrian pushes a knob and the lights blink yellow. I always thought yellow meant "proceed with caution."

Since the pedestrian (um, undercover cop) had literally just stepped into the crosswalk and I was 135 feet away, I proceeded through. The next crosswalk had another trap, for which I stopped since the pedestrian was farther into the road.

I got a $125 ticket for that. Seems as if drivers should be notified when new technology/systems give way to new rules. The light should be a red blinking light if we are required to actually stop. The judge only had $25 worth of sympathy. What am I missing here?

- Bonnie Donaghy of Bellingham, via Letters to the Editor

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