Whatcom student's desire for a career led to leadership role


WCC Brian Gonzalez

Brian Gonzalez will graduate from Whatcom Community College with an Associate in Arts and Sciences degree and plans to pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with a focus on finance.


I am a first-generation college student. Neither of my parents completed high school. It has always been a challenge for me to let them know how important school is. They came from Mexico at a young age. My father dropped out of high school because his family wanted him to work in the fields and make money. He learned English and got a job, which he has had for the past 23 years. Education is important for me. I don't want to work in a low-paying, hard-labor job for the rest of my life, like my father. I have spent several summers working with him, and I know firsthand how difficult it is. Education is my way of crossing out that option. I want a career.

When I started college, I came into it with the same mentality as of a high school student. I came to school, fooled around with friends, made friends my priority, and went home. I didn't really take it seriously until I started noticing my grades decline and a suspension letter from the college. I knew that I had to turn myself around and take advantage of the federal student aid money I was getting.

In 2011, I became involved in school programs and clubs. I managed to get an on-campus job at the Student Life office and have retained it for the past year and a half. I became one of 10 student ambassadors selected to work at campus events and to give tours to new and prospective students. I am also proud to have been a student council committee member, representing students in meetings we have regarding financial issues. This past winter quarter, I was elected vice president of the council. As vice president, it was my duty to hear my constituents and address their concerns. The clubs I attended were the Math Club, Art Club, Business Club and I attended the Ethnic Student Association club as a guest.

The more involved I became on campus, the better my grades got. As I began spending more time on campus, it allowed me to spend more time on my studies, concentrate on my homework, and ask questions. I was also able to identify resources that were free for me. For example, my advisor was able to help me shape an idea of what it is that I wanted out of my Whatcom Community College education.

As a leader, I have learned how to be more adaptable especially in an ever-changing college environment. Reaching out to students is something I really enjoy. You can never know too many people in a college setting. Everyone is unique and you never know what you can learn from other people. Each person has a story, unique background, character and personalities, and by listening to people, you might learn something about yourself. It's these small things that I notice that make me really understand where a person is coming from. Also, my organizational skill improved. I was able to manage my ever-growing and changing schedule to meet demands. These skills made me better in identifying and solving problems. My studies also improved because I was better able to concentrate and cared more about the importance of homework and education.


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Brian Gonzalez was born in Bellingham and lives in Everson. After graduating from Whatcom Community College with an Associate in Arts and Sciences degree, he will pursue a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, with a focus on finance. He has been accepted to Western Washington University and Central Washington University and has also applied to Gonzaga. At Whatcom, 83 percent of degree- and certificate-seeking students are pursuing transfer degrees.

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