Concerned GOP divides nation


Recently a Bellingham Herald letter regarding the Benghazi investigation asked what others see.

What I see is a Republican Party desperate to drum up a bogus investigation to draw attention from their own massive failings. I see a GOP that uses bogus fears of deficits and inflation to draw attention from the massive U.S. deficits they created with the trillion dollar Iraq War and tax cuts for the super rich.

I see a party that uses fear, anger and suspicion to turn Americans against each other. For example, for years they milked fears about gay marriage. They dropped the issue when it was no longer useful. They did the same thing to justify the Iraq War - I believe they totally made-up stuff. Then there was the made-up Shira (Islamic) law panic a few years ago.

The list goes on. Their plan is always the same, I believe: Use fear and anger to make Americans stupid. Once they are stupid you can make Americans do anything you want. Just keep coming up with new fears as the old ones are exposed as lies.

America needs to wake up to what has happened in the Republican Party in the past 20 years. Otherwise it's only going to get worse.

Richard Navas


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