Asks legislators listen to teachers


How interesting that Paul Hope's education reform column appeared next to your headline about "bulletproof backpacks for U.S. kids." It makes me ask, "What do schools really need - armed guards and bulletproof armor?"

I appreciate Mr. Hope's summary of the current legislature's problems. Maybe readers don't see the value of better pay for educators, but most should be able to agree the state should not be wasting money on excessive testing. Children cannot flourish in a stressful environment. Teachers want what is best for students. Why are reformers trying to undermine teachers by taking away basic rights to due process and collective bargaining? How does that improve learning?

You all know, work with, live with, or are related to teachers; we are caring, decent (tax-paying) people. This state has a wealth of resources. It's high time the legislators find a way to fund education according to guidelines provided by the folks who know what schools really need. Please tell your legislators to listen to the educators, not some millionaires' club reformers.

Susan Gelhar


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