World Oceans Day demonstration planned


As a surfer and frequenter of the many waterfront parks in Bellingham, I am concerned about the proposed coal terminal at Cherry Point. The effect of toxic coal dust on our waters and coastline, the health of people and plants and animals, cannot be overstated. I encourage all of you who love the water, who enjoy our beautiful bay and the abundance of life that it sustains, to join the Surfrider Foundation at Boulevard Park on June 8 - World Oceans Day - as we paddle out together to say no to coal. We're hosting a speaker series starting at noon, focusing on the impact of the proposed project, then at 1 o'clock we'll take to the water. Bring your surfboard, paddle board, kayak, canoe or any other human-propelled watercraft and we'll paddle a loop around Taylor dock, then join hands across the water, for a group photo. If you don't want to get in the water, there will be people gathered on the beach as well. The Community Boating Center is offering discounted kayak rentals for this event. Come out and help us fight to protect the places we all love, like Boulevard Park.

Lily Morin


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