Unhappy with 'lobbyist perks'


Does the news about Doug Ericksen's lobbyist perks surprise anyone?

I believe ethics are of secondary concern to our special-interest specialist whose dismal record as a people's representative is on record.

Big interest, big business.... people get lost while he collects his lobbyist perks. No matter voters pay him $90 per day for food and various costs his "ethics" allow him to double dip while he purports to be acting for constituents. No so-called representative so inevitably and blatantly moves on behalf of big business.

Inadequate space prevents details so just retrace his record, it will noticeably be choked with hardline pro-business positions. I believe voters are low men on his totem pole.

May I propose a logo "Who pays the piper calls the tune?" Voters get lost, your $90 per day contribution is peanuts to Mr. Ericksen whom I believe probably prefers the possibility of a feathered nest to be readied by his business friends when his political days end.

Doug Lomas


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