Marv Grunhurd and Roni Grunhurd

June 2, 2013 

Marv and Roni Grunhurd Celebrate 65 Years! Still loving and laughing, Roni and Marv Grunhurd celebrated their 65th anniversary on May 29th! Roni and Marv were married May 29th, 1948 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lawrence, Wash. Just days before the wedding, Marv was on the roof of Immanuel, pounding in the last shingles of the new roof so he could marry his bride on time. Well, the roof got done and their 4 children (Randy, Wendy, Debby and Tamara), 8 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren couldn't be more grateful! Mom and Dad's love of life, generosity of heart and boundless faith are constant gifts to their family and all who know and love them. They are the model of living life completely, happily and full of love!! We love you, Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful!

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